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Tourism Statistics



Visitor Receipts



Receipts for the month of December aggregated to about Php 33,406.72 million, 72.39% higher than the earnings in December last year of about Php 19,378.31 million.


The Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) for the month in review is Php 8,423.98. The Average Length of Stay (ALoS) of tourists in the country is recorded at 7.11 nights. On the other hand, Average per Capita Expenditure of visitors for the month is pegged at Php 59,894.48.


Korea is the top spending market with receipts amounting to about Php 12.14 billion. Visitors from USA registered an accumulated spending of about Php 4.30 billion. China placed third with almost Php 3.30 billion spent followed by Japan with estimated Php 2.15 billion spending and Canada with Php 1.64 billion.

High spending markets Malaysia, Germany, and Hongkong recorded more than Php 300 million of tourism expenditure in the country.


Among the top twenty markets, Korea registered per capita spending of Php 80,869.44. Taiwan followed with Php 68,666.85 per capita spending. Top markets with high per capita spending include Canada with Php 65,349.67, New Zealand with Php 61,964.32 and Russia with Php 55,477.01

The country welcomed 613,372 tourists for the month of December, showing growth of 6.37% from the 576,638 arrivals in the same month last year. This month recorded more than 600,000 arrivals and could be attributed to influx of visitors during the holidays.


By sub-regional grouping, East Asia supplied the majority of arrivals with a share of 49.16% corresponding to 301,515 visitors. This volume increased by 16.74% compared to December last year. Korea, Japan and China which belong to this region accounted for 45.13% of the total volume.

North America provided the second biggest influx of tourists with 124,546 arrivals, constituting 20.31% of the total tourist traffic. The ASEAN region comprised 6.60% share of the total equivalent to 40,501 arrivals.



Countries from Asia covered 57.40% of total tourist traffic corresponding to 352,098 visitors. Arrivals from the Americas contributed 20.57% to total inbound volume or 126,147 visitors. On the other hand, 73,025 arrivals (11.91%) came from Europe while some 39,715 arrivals (6.47%) were from Australasia/Pacific.



Arrivals by Port of Entry

Air arrivals comprised 97.09% of the total inbound visitors, equivalent to 595,527 visitors.A total of 389,293 tourists (63.47%) arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the primary port of entry of the country.


For the major airports in Central Philippines, 118,731 visitors (19.36%) entered through Mactan-Cebu International Airport while 46,653 (7.61%) were received at Kalibo International Airport. Clark International Airport recorded 32,077 of the visitors. Some 5,626 visitors entered through Tagbilaran Airport while the rest of the airports accumulated 3,147 arrivals.

More cruise ships arrived for the month of December, bringing a total of 14,272 tourists in various ports in the country.


Visitor Markets, December 2017

Korea, as the country’s top source market, produced 150,097 arrivals for the month in review. USA snagged the second spot from China for the month of December with 97,840 arrivals. Meanwhile, arrivals from China surged up by 72.78% to 78,333 arrival count from 45,336 in December last year. On the fourth spot is Japan with 48,371 arrivals.



Completing the top 10 markets are Australia with 31,721 arrivals, Canada with 25,071 arrivals, United Kingdom with 19,327 arrivals, Taiwan with 14,911 arrivals, Singapore with 14,846 arrivals, and Malaysia with 11,559 arrivals.




Visitor count from Hongkong reached 9,047, followed by Germany with 8,833 arrivals, and India with 8,190 arrivals. The top 20 markets this month includes the following: France with 6,071 arrivals, Indonesia with 5,414 arrivals, Sweden with 4,314 arrivals, Russia with 4,088 arrivals, New Zealand with 3,907 arrivals, Spain with 3,858 arrivals and Italy with 3,729 arrivals.





Visitor Receipts

For 2017, earnings generated from tourism activities accumulated to Php 335,626.13 million (US$ 6.65 billion). Receipts rose by 45.84% from the estimated expenditure of Php 230,134.44 million (US$ 4.85 billion) in 2016. The month of July recorded the biggest receipts amounting to Php 33,406.72 million, while the month of September registered the highest growth of 117.23%



Visitor Arrivals

Arrivals to the Philippines reached a new milestone of surpassing six million arrivals with 6,620,908 visitor count. This volume registered an increase of 10.96% from the 5,967,005 count for the same period last year.


Consistent positive growth is observed throughout the year. The month of January recorded the biggest volume (631,639 arrivals) while the highest growth was registered in the month of April (+19.83%).




Countries from Asia has delivered a total of 4,135,324 arrivals, posting a market share of 62.46%. Huge segment came from East Asia with 3,517,471 arrivals (53.13%) while the remaining portions came from the ASEAN with 488,346 arrivals (7.38%) and South Asia with 129,507 arrivals.

The Americas accumulated a total of 1,176,480 arrivals, a slice of 17.77% from the total visitor traffic. On the other hand, arrivals from Europe reached a total of 675,399 (10.20%) while some 333,179 arrivals (5.03%) were from Australasia/Pacific.


Visitor Markets

As the country's top source of arrivals, Korea is the first market to surpass the 1.6 million arrivals. This market constituted almost one-fourth of country's arrivals as it accumulated a year-end volume of 1,607,821, a market share of 24.28% and registering a growth of 9.00% compared to its arrivals of 1,475,081 last year.

This year, China officially dislodged USA as the country's 2nd top market corresponding to 14.63% share to total inbound traffic. This market finished with 968,447 arrivals with an impressive growth of 43.33% from its 675,663 visitor count in 2016.

Although China took the second spot, the United States of America trailed very closely with 957,813 arrivals which is 14.47% share of the total. This figure showed an increase of 10.16% from 869,463 arrivals last year. Japan finished 4th with 584,180 arrivals, comprising 8.82% of the total inbound traffic and posting a growth of 9.14%.



The Australian market secured the fifth spot with 259,433 arrivals, providing 3.92% share to the total. Taiwan followed closely by bringing a total of 236,777 visitors, a share of 3.58%. Completing the top ten visitor markets are Canada with 200,640 arrivals, United Kingdom with 182,708 arrivals, Singapore with 168,637 arrivals, and Malaysia with 143,566 arrivals.

Hongkong and India claimed the 11th and 12th spot, with 111,135 arrivals and 107,278 arrivals, respectively. The top 20 source markets include Germany with 85,431 arrivals, France with 64,777 arrivals, Indonesia with 62,923 arrivals, Saudi Arabia with 54,716 arrivals, Thailand with 48,727 arrivals, Viet Nam with 39,951 arrivals, Spain with 36,954 arrivals and Guam with 36,637 arrivals.


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