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WE ARE NOW ONLINE. Applying for accreditation is now a 3-step process. Have yourself or your business accredited and be part of the established network of trusted and recognized tourism entities of the Department. Our list of accredited entities is globally available and accessible to tourists and businesses through the web. Please have copy as well of our Accreditation Quick Guide(PDF) available at our Download Center.



First, tell us what you do. Let us know the products and services that you offer to tourists, both domestic and international. This will help us determine what standards to apply during assessment of your application.


Next, you need to know the preliminary requirements that will be assessed, inspected, and accredited by the Department.
This self-assessment exercise prepares you before actually beginning the application process, saving you time and effort.

          Fill-out Form

Finally, fill up the Accreditation Application form. After satisfying the necessary requirements, complete the application form for your category and submit the accomplished form online. A notification will be sent to you upon successful submission of the form.

       Features of the Online Accreditation

  • Save time and effort through the online Self-Assessment exam. Find out if your business conforms to the Department’s standards and check what requirements you need to secure before applying for Accreditation.
  • No more queues. Apply online and receive feedback online
  • Online submission of supporting documents.
  • Monitor progress of your application through the DOT portal
  • Get an electronic notification when your accreditation is due for renewal

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What is Accreditation?

A certification issued by the Department of Tourism that the holder is recognized by the Department as having complied with its minimum standards in the operation of the establishment concerned.

Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

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To see all the related documents about the rules and regulations governing the accreditation of establishments or individuals, go to the Tourism Standards Download Center.

For more information on applying for accreditation download related documents here.

Please do have a copy of our accreditation quick guide for more instructions on how to apply online.

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