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For your convenience and comfort, you can book a medical travel package from any of the accredited medical travel facilitators in the Philippines. Most of these facilitators follow some basic procedures, but may vary slightly from company to company. Here are the general steps outlined for you. Click on any step to see a detailed explanation:


  • Selection of Medical Travel Facilitator


Visit the website of any accredited medical travel facilitators in the Philippines and choose which facilitator you’ll get a package from.


  • Cost Estimate


Initially, you will be asked about your healthcare needs through an online questionnaire or over the phone. Within 24 to 48 hours, they will give you a cost estimate of the package based on the type of procedure and accommodations that you wish to have.


  • Selection of Healthcare Provider


If you decide to avail the package, information about different hospitals and doctors will be sent to you for you to choose from. You might need to send any clinical records, medical results, x-rays and other pertinent documents to your selected doctor. Discussions will be arranged between you and your physician through a teleconference or via email. A date will be scheduled when your procedure will be performed.


  • Arrangement of Full Itinerary


Aside from arranging your medical treatment, a medical travel package typically includes hotel accommodations, airport transfers and other transportation requirements, travel insurance, a post-treatment holiday with your doctor’s permission, and even the services of a personal assistant or medical butler upon your arrival.


  • Arrival in the Philippines


Take your flight to the Philippines and reach the heart of global healthcare.


For a full list of medical travel facilitators, click here.

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