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  7/10/2015  Research and Statistics Division, OTPRIM 
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Visitor Receipts. Earnings generated from tourism activities in the first five months of 2015 grew 2.74%, aggregating to Php 93.907 billion from the Php 91.404 billion recorded last year. For May alone, visitor receipts amounted to Php 16.77 billion which is 2.40% higher than the previous year’s earnings of Php 16.38 billion.











Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) of international visitors for the month of May 2015 was recorded at Php 4,583.29 while Average Length of Stay (ALoS) for the same month registered 10.11 nights.   On the other hand, Average per capita expenditure of visitors for the month in review was Php 46,337.09.




Korea still positioned itself as the biggest contributor of visitor earnings for the country with Php 4.055 billion, overtaking the United States’ Php 3.699 billion. Japan placed 3rd with Php1.060 billion while Australia (Php 0.916 billion), and China (Php 0.650 Billion) provided the 4th and 5th biggest visitor receipt. 



On the other hand, based on per capita spending, visitors from the United States recorded the highest at Php55,059.93 while visitors from Australia recorded the second biggest per capita spending at Php48,870.66.  Other top markets with high visitor spending include Canada with Php 48,580.54, United Kingdom with Php 48,429.79 and Korea with Php 43,103.50.






Visitor Arrivals.  Auguring well to the tourism industry is the consistent growth in arrivals for the first five months of the year with a total of 2,229,139 visitors from January to May this year, posting an 8.15% increase over the same months of 2014 at 2,061,135 arrivals. Visitor arrivals in May 2015 yielded 413,937 which is 13.53% higher than the May 2014 arrivals of 364,598.  Within the first five month period, the month of January recorded the biggest arrivals at 479,149 while the biggest growth was registered in May 2015 with a double-digit increase of 13.53%.





Air arrivals to the country for May 2015 was recorded at 410,694 visitors while those who entered the country by sea was registered at 3,243 visitors. 



Being the primary port of entry of the country, Manila received the biggest arrivals at 297,987 or 72.56% of the total air arrivals.  Cebu shared 15.09%, hosting 61,970 visitors  for May 2015.  Kalibo received the third biggest arrivals of 34,933 visitors which constituted 8.51% of the total while the rest provided a combined arrivals of 15,804 sharing 3.85% to the total air arrivals.  On the other hand, arrivals by sea which constituted 0.78% of the total, summed up to 3,243.  Davao received the biggest number of visitors entering by sea at 1,124 while Batangas followed with 1,071 visitors.  Combined arrivals from the rest of the sea ports aggregated to 1,048 visitors.







Asia contributed the biggest arrivals for the Philippines in May 2015 with 241,711 visitors for a share of 58.39% to the total arrivals. Americas followed with 81,128 for a market share of 19.60%; Europe which comprised 9.31% of the total contributed 38,557 arrivals, Australasia/ Pacific (5.80%) and Overseas Filipinos (4.30%). 






Visitor Market, January to May 2015. By visitor market, Korea is still the top contributor of international arrivals to the country for the first five months of 2015 with 546,031 arrivals with a 24.50% share to the total inbound traffic and a 20.46% growth compared to its 453,277 arrivals for the same months in 2014.



The United States of America supplied the 2nd largest influx of tourist arrival with 350,776 visitors constituting 15.74% of the total and posting a 7.04% increase vis-à-vis its arrivals of 327,702 for the same period last year.  Japan ranked 3rd, providing a total of 204,704 visitors and sharing 9.18% to the total and grew by 8.34% from its 2014 arrivals of 188,941.  China placed 4th, amassing 157,830 visitors, comprising 7.08% to the total inbound traffic. The 5th major inbound market was Australia with 102,323 arrivals, constituting 4.59% of the total.



Rounding up the top ten visitor markets are Singapore (+3.59%) with 77,395 arrivals, Canada (+8.79%) with 73,898 arrivals, Taiwan (+24.88%) with 69,362 arrivals, United Kingdom (+10.12%) with 66,410 arrivals, and Malaysia (+19.65%) with 65,115 arrivals.



High growth markets, May 2015.  For the month of May 2015, markets with substantial growth in inbound included: India with 7,030 arrivals (+32.52%), Vietnam with 2,884 arrivals (+27.27%), France with 3,478 arrivals (+24.75%), Netherlands with 2,308 arrivals (+18.97%), and Saudi Arabia with 3,995 arrivals (+17.43%).






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