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  7/7/2017  SEAIMD, OTDPRIM 
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Visitor Arrivals


For the month of May 2017, visitor arrivals reached a total of 532,757, an increase of 19.60% compared to the May 2016 visitor count of 445,449.  It could be noted that from 2012 to 2015, the month of May only generated more than 300,000 visitors while it produced more than 400,000 visitors last year.  For the first time this year, visitor arrivals in May surpassed the 500,000 mark providing a bright outlook for Philippine tourism. This positive growth in arrivals can be attributed to aggressive marketing efforts and international events which included the ASEAN@50 meetings held in the country.


Sources of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests


By sub-regional grouping, East Asia provided the biggest influx of tourists with 279,693 arrivals constituting more than half or 52.50% of the total. This volume escalated by an impressive 33.71% from 209,175 arrivals in May last year. Korea, Japan and China which belong to this region accounted for 46.37% of the total volume.




North America produced a total of 100,165 arrivals, a share of 18.80% to the total. This region increased by 13.92% from its volume of 87,923 last May 2016, with all countries under this region posting double-digit gains. The ASEAN region comprised 8.35% share of the total with 44,474 arrivals.  This region likewise posted a double-digit gain of 10.64%



By major regional grouping, data shows that the biggest bulk of arrivals came from countries in Asia, with 63.11% of the total volume or 336,236 visitors. Arrivals from the Americas recorded 101,280 visitor count, forming 19.01% of total arrivals. On the other hand, arrivals from Europe reached a total of 46,750 (8.78%) while some 25,318 arrivals (4.75%) were from Australasia/Pacific.




Arrivals by Port of Entry


Air arrivals comprised 98.26% of the total inbound visitors, equivalent to 523,493 visitors.



Sources of Data: A/D Cards



The Ninoy Aquino International Airport as the primary port of entry of the country, welcomed 64.20% of the total visitor volume or 342,023 arrivals. For the major airports in Central Philippines, 104,745 visitors entered via Cebu constituting 19.66% of arrivals while 55,949 visitors arrived through Kalibo corresponding to 10.50% of arrivals. The Clark International Airport, major gateway of Luzon, recorded 17,749 visitors while the rest of the airports accumulated 3,027 arrivals.



Sources of Data: Shipping Manifests



Superstar Virgo which used Manila as its home port had six port calls this month and brought a total 5,132 tourists.





Visitor Markets, May 2017


The Korean market supplied 128,691 arrivals, registering an impressive growth of 35.84% vis-à-vis its arrivals of 94,736 in May last year.  Since January, this market has been producing more than 100,000 visitors in a single month, still making this market the major source of visitors to the country.  USA placed second with its arrival contribution of 83,056, up by 12.78%. 


China followed with 73,649 visitor count, with an escalating growth of 57.29% compared to its volume of 46,825 in May 2016. Japan provided 44,696 arrivals with an increase of 13.38% from its arrivals of 39,422 for the same period last year. Taiwan reclaimed the fifth spot from Australia by contributing 22,429 arrivals, 23.67% higher than its visitor count in May last year. It could be noted that all top five markets recorded double-digit gains.





Completing the top 10 markets are Australia with 19,560 arrivals, Canada with 16,794 arrivals, Singapore with 15,895 arrivals, United Kingdom with 14,224 arrivals and Malaysia with 13,328 arrivals.




Arrivals from India surged to 9,928 with 37.03% increase, followed by Hongkong with 9,280 arrivals. The top 20 markets this month includes the following: Germany with 5,887 arrivals, Indonesia with 5,045 arrivals, France with 4,676 arrivals, Thailand with 4,334 arrivals, Vietnam with 3,966 arrivals, Saudi Arabia with 3,096 arrivals, Guam with 2,865 arrivals and the Netherlands with 2,738 arrivals.






Visitor Arrivals

Sources of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests 


Consistent growth is observed by the Philippines’ inbound traffic with a total of 2,882,737 visitors for the first five months of 2017. This volume registered double-digit increase of 14.43% from the 2,519,300 count for the same period last year. The biggest volume was recorded in the month of January while the highest growth was registered in April.  Another milestone was achieved by the industry as month to month arrivals has surpassed the 500,000 visitor volume for the first five months of the year.




Countries from Asia still holds the biggest market share by delivering 60.72% of the total visitor volume or 1,750,419 arrivals. East Asia alone filled more than half of total volume with 1,491,476 arrivals (51.74%) while the remaining fragments came from the ASEAN with 203,400 arrivals (7.06%) and South Asia with 55,543 arrivals.


North and South America supplied a total of 534,012 arrivals, a share of 18.52%. On the other hand, 324,618 arrivals (11.26%) were recorded from Europe while 140,979 arrivals (4.89%) were registered from the Australasia/Pacific.






Visitor Markets 


Korea is the country’s top source of arrivals and has accumulated 686,630 arrivals for 2017, with a market share of 23.82%. The United States of America occupied the second spot with an aggregate of 428,767 visitors, corresponding to 14.87% of the total. China followed with 388,896 arrivals, comprising 13.49% of total inbound traffic. Visitors from Japan formed 8.87% of the inbound traffic equivalent to 255,819 arrivals.





Australia which provided 112,814 arrivals secured the fifth spot with a 3.91% share to the total followed closely by Taiwan with 108,643 arrivals posting a 3.77% share to the total inbound traffic. Completing the top 10 markets are Canada with 97,387 arrivals, United Kingdom with 82,412 arrivals, Singapore with 70,185 arrivals and Malaysia with 60,578 arrivals.


Among the top 10 markets, China and Taiwan posted the highest growths of 36.29% and 20.99%, respectively.





The top 11-14 markets include Hongkong with 47,462 arrivals, India with 45,675, Germany with 43,484 arrivals and France with 35,953 arrivals. On the 20,000 arrival- mark are the markets of Indonesia with 23,896 arrivals, Saudi Arabia with 21,328 arrivals, and Thailand with 20,715 arrivals. Completing the top 20 sources are Viet Nam with 18,306 arrivals, Russia with 17,966 arrivals, and the Netherlands with 15,819 arrivals.








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