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Sources of Data:  A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests
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The first seven months of the year saw a total of 2,861,572 visitors to the Philippines, up by 2.24% over the previous year’s total of 2,798,881 arrivals for the same months. The month of January 2014 recorded the biggest arrivals of 461,383 and the highest growth of 5.80% for the period in review.



The East Asian region maintained its position as the largest contributor of arrivals (1,343,864 visitors) by region, accounting for 46.96% of the overall traffic base.  The combined total of 537,597 arrivals supplied by the North American countries made this region the second biggest supplier of arrivals for the country.  It expanded by 8.15% versus its contribution of 497,079 a year ago.  This region constituted 18.79% of the total visitor volume. The ASEAN region shared 9.37% (268,181 arrivals) to the total visitor volume and grew by 10.50% vis-à-vis its arrivals of 242,698 to supply the third biggest arrivals by region.  On the other hand, Australia/Pacific provided 163,811 arrivals to constitute the fourth biggest arrivals by region.  This group experienced a growth of 5.72% from its year-ago arrivals of 154,951.  Visitors from Northern Europe was up by 9.51% as arrivals reached 126,874 compared to its contribution of 115,861 arrivals the previous year.    



Visitor Markets. The Korean market still contributed the biggest arrivals accounting for 662,228 visitors with a share of 23.14% to total visitor traffic.  The U.S. market came in strong by registering 7.63% growth with arrivals reaching 449,793 for the first seven months of the year.  Arrivals from China was recorded at 268,028.  It recorded an increase of 8.53% versus its arrivals of 246,967 the previous year.  The Japanese market was in fourth place providing 259,086 arrivals for a share of 9.05%  to the total volume.  It recorded an increase of 5.40% compared to its arrivals of 245,817 in 2013.  Visitors from Australia registered the fifth biggest arrivals at 4.43% of the total inbound volume.  A total of 126,745 visitors came from this country versus its arrivals of 118,186 last year which recorded a growth of 7.24%.



Sources of Data:  A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests


Completing the top twelve markets were Singapore (3.68% share) with 105,333 arrivals, Canada (3.01% share) with 86,225 arrivals, Taiwan (2.89% share) with 82,787 arrivals, United Kingdom (2.84% share) with 81,248 arrivals, Malaysia (2.73% share) with 78,149 arrivals, Hongkong (2.34% share) with 67,034 arrivals, and Germany (1.52% share) with 43,559 arrivals.



Other emerging markets with substantial growth were Vietnam (+16.59%) with 17,966 arrivals, Italy (+15.11%) with 11,612 arrivals, New Zealand (+12.51%) with 9,632 arrivals, Spain (+9.61%) with 10,482 arrivals, India (+8.91%) with 34,853 arrivals, Netherlands (+8.87%) with 14,624 arrivals, and Denmark (+7.87%) with 9,183 arrivals.  Overseas Filipinos reported 128,205 arrivals.



Visitor Receipts.  A total of Php 126.33 billion was generated from inbound tourists for the first seven months.  The top five visitor markets in terms of expenditure are Korea, (Php33.89 billion), the United States (Php 25.57 billion), Australia (Php 8.34 billion), Japan (Php 6.34 billion), and China (Php 5.48 billion).  Substantial contribution to visitor receipts were likewise provided by Canada (Php 4.95 billion), United Kingdom (Php 4.91 billion), Germany (Php 2.80 billion), Singapore (Php 2.44 billion) and Malaysia  (Php 2.13 billion).  



On the other hand, visitors spent an average daily expenditure of Php 4,166.70 in July 2014, while visitors stayed for an average stay of 9.63 nights, longer by 1.36 night (16.44%) compared to the average length of stay of 8.27 nights in July 2013.






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