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  3/7/2017  SEAIMD, OTDPRIM 
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Visitor Receipts. Tourism activities in the country generated earnings amounting to Php 21,681.23 million. 





The Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) for the month in review is Php 3,659.10. The Average Length of Stay (ALoS) of tourists in the country is recorded at 10.61 nights while Average per Capita Expenditure of visitors for the month is pegged at Php38,823.05.





Korea is the top spending market with receipts amounting to almost Php 6.5 billion. USA ranked second with total visitor spending of about Php 3.69 billion. Japan took the third spot with Php 2.12 billion expenditure, followed by Australia with Php 1.59 billion and Canada with Php 1.09 billion.

Among the top twelve markets of the country, Australia registered the highest per capita expenditure for January 2017. In average, a visitor from Australia has spent Php 56,995.98 while in the country. United Kingdom followed with per capita spending of Php 54,647.15. Other top markets with high per capita spending include Canada with Php 44,594.11, Korea with Php 42,104.33, and Japan with Php 41,227.68.





Sources of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests


Visitor Arrivals. Philippine tourism kicked off the year 2017 with a surge in arrivals. Inbound visitors reached to 631,639, the highest ever recorded volume of tourists received by the country for a single month, surpassing the 600 thousand mark. This volume registered an impressive growth of 16.48% from the 542,258 visitor count in January 2016. This strong performance could be attributed to the significant increase of arrivals from China and the recently held Miss Universe, among others.


By regional grouping, East Asia provided the biggest influx of tourists with 324,523 arrivals, a market share of 51.38%. This figure increased significantly by 23.90% from January 2016 arrivals of 261,919. Korea, Japan and China which belong to this region accounted for 46.21% of the total volume.


North America followed by supplying 124,153 arrivals, constituting 19.66% of the total. This volume rose by 17.24% compared to its arrivals of 105,899 in January last year.  Countries of the ASEAN region accounted to 5.60% share of the total which generated 35,400 arrivals.






Comprising the largest bulk of arrivals are countries from Asia, with 59.13% of the total volume or 373,476 visitors. North and South Americas contributed 19.90% of total inbound traffic corresponding to 125,702 tourists. On the other hand, arrivals from Europe reached a total of 71,846 (11.37%) while some 34,030 arrivals (5.39%) were from Australasia/Pacific.

Arrivals by Port of Entry. Air arrivals comprised 98.83% of the total inbound visitors, equivalent to 624,245 visitors.




Sources of Data: A/D Cards


A total of 428,284 tourists (67.81%) arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the primary port of entry of the country. For the major airports in Central Philippines, 122,613 visitors (19.41%) entered through Mactan-Cebu International Airport while 51,939 (8.22%) were received at Kalibo International Airport. The Clark International Airport, major gateway of Luzon, recorded 16,961 of the visitors while the rest of the airports accumulated 4,448 arrivals.


Visitor Markets, January 2017. Korea is the biggest visitor-generating market with arrivals of 154,367, up by 4.89% from its arrivals of 147,165 in January last year. The United States of America remained the second top source with 99,435 visitor arrivals, 17.67% higher than its arrivals in January 2016 of 84,506.


Arrivals from China escalated sharply to 85,948 from the 48,708 arrivals in January 2016, a soaring rise of 76.46%. Japan ranked 4th with arrivals of 51,516, likewise showing an impressive growth from 41,691 with 23.57% increment.





Also posting double-digit growth are the markets of Australia with 27,826 arrivals (+10.10%), Canada with 24,352 arrivals (+15.37%) and Taiwan with 21,926 arrivals (+41.25). Completing the top 10 markets are United Kingdom with 15,747 arrivals (+4.48%), Singapore with 12,000 arrivals and the fast-growing market India with 11,805 arrivals (+31.84%). Malaysia and Hongkong took the 11th and 12th spot, respectively.


High growth markets, January 2017. In addition to the top twelve markets, countries with substantial growth in visitor volume are Saudi Arabia with 5,020 arrivals (+17.13%), Vietnam with 3,767 arrivals (+46.92%), and European countries such as: France with 7,459 arrivals (+39.26%), Russia with 4,990 arrivals (+15.78%), Sweden with 4,029 arrivals (+12.89%), Netherlands with 3,852 arrivals (+18.89%), Italy with 3,454 arrivals (+24.33%), and Spain with 3,368 arrivals (+18.88%).





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