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  8/30/2016  Research and Statistics Division, OTPRIM 
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Visitor Receipts. Receipts for the month of June 2016 aggregated to about Php 20.77 billion, posting a double-digit increase of 21.16% versus the Php 17.14 billion earnings in June 2015. 



The Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) of visitors for the month in review is Php 5,179.86. On the other hand, the Average Length of Stay (ALoS) is registered at 9.56 nights, while, Average per Capita Expenditure of visitors for the month is pegged at Php 49,519.49.



Korea is still the top spending market with estimated expenditure of Php 6.47 billion for the month of June.   Visitors from the U.S.A. remained steady at second place with receipts amounting to Php 3.80 billion. China had already translated its increasing arrivals to receipts with recorded spending of Php 3.53 billion. Still at the top five biggest spending markets is Japan with estimated receipts of Php 1.20 billion and Australia with estimated spending of Php 0.87 billion.


Among the top twelve markets of the country, China recorded the highest per capita spending for June 2016. In average, a visitor from China has spent Php 63,404.99 while in the country.


Visitors from Canada registered the second biggest per capita spending of Php 59,438.82. Korea followed closely with Php 58,972.15 per capita expenditure. Other top markets with high per capita spending include Germany with Php 51,575.60, USA with Php 49,604.48, and Australia with Php 48,649.11.



Visitor Arrivals. For the month of June, visitor arrivals surged to a total of 459,138, posting a significant increase of 17.58% compared to the June 2015 visitor count of 390,486. The month of June recorded the second highest growth for 2016 next to February (20.42%).  It can be noted that this is the first time that this month surpassed the 400,000 visitor volume.  The only other month where arrivals have yet to reach 400,000 is the month of September.



Source of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests


By regional grouping, East Asia comprised 51.50% share of total inbound volume equivalent to 236,466 arrivals. This region contributed most of the growth in total arrivals as its visitor count went up by 26.17% from 187,425 in June last year. Korea, Japan and China which belong to this region accounted for 44.22% of the total volume.


Visitor count from North America registered 85,880, constituting 18.70% of the total arrivals. This region also posted a significant growth of 16.54% compared to its arrivals of 73,692 last June 2015.  Countries belonging to the ASEAN region produced 41,480 arrivals, a share of 9.03% to the total. Visitors from Australasia/Pacific region accumulated 25,055 arrivals with a share of 5.46% to the total.  Meanwhile, Northern European region provided 17,970 arrivals. 



The largest chunk of the arrivals for June came from Asia, comprising 62.60% of total volume with 287,407 visitors. Visitors from the Americas contributed 86,515 arrivals, sharing 18.84% of the total inbound traffic. On the other hand, 36,462 arrivals (7.94%) was recorded by countries from the European region while some 25,055 arrivals (5.46%) were from the Australasia/Pacific.


Arrivals by Port of Entry. For the month of June 2016, 455,347 visitors entered the country through various airports. This comprised 99.17% of the total inbound visitors to the country.


Source of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests


The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, as the primary port of entry of the country, welcomed 66.96% of the total visitor volume equivalent to 307,447 arrivals. For the major airports in Central Philippines, Cebu welcomed 77,900 visitors constituting 16.97% of arrivals while Kalibo received 52,401 visitors corresponding to 11.41% of the total arrivals.  The Clark International Airport, a major gateway to Luzon, received 14,437 visitors while the rest of the airports accumulated 3,162 arrivals.


Visitor Markets, June 2016. Korea has provided 109,786 arrivals, 13.24% higher than the arrivals in June last year. USA followed with 76,575 arrivals, showing 17.49% growth compared to June last year. China continued to show significant growth of 71.13%, from the 32,495 visitor count in June 2015 to 55,610 this year. Japan ranked fourth with 37,614 arrivals, posting a growth of 15.52%.



Taiwan has entered the top five markets this June with 22,333 arrivals, 39.25% higher than in June 2015. This market continue to show improvement from its slump the previous years.  Australia has provided 17,827 tourists followed closely by Singapore with 16,324 arrivals. Completing the top ten markets for June are Malaysia with 11,386 arrivals, United Kingdom with 10,598, and Hongkong with 10,289 arrivals.





Visitor Receipts. Total earnings gained from tourism activities for the first half of 2016 amounted to an estimated Php 127.37 billion. This recorded a double-digit gain of 14.70% compared to Php 111.05 billion for the same period in 2015. The month of February recorded the biggest receipts of Php 27.49 billion, as well as, the highest growth of 42.09%.




Visitor Arrivals. For the first half of 2016, the country has welcomed a total of 2,978,438 visitors. This volume is 13.70% higher than the accumulated 2,619,625 arrivals in January to June 2015. Consistent growth is sustained all throughout the first six months with double-digit increases recorded from January to April.  



Source of Data: A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests




Countries from Asia has accumulated 59.22% of the total inbound traffic with a volume of 1,763,887 arrivals. Huge segment came from East Asia with 1,466,075 arrivals (49.22%) while the remaining fragments came from ASEAN with 243,035 arrivals (8.16%) and South Asia with 54,777 arrivals.


North and South America contributed a total of 551,836 arrivals, a share of 18.53% to the total.  On the other hand, 322,930 arrivals (10.84%) were recorded from Europe while 160,118 arrivals (5.38%) were registered from the Australasia/Pacific.


Visitor Markets, January to June 2016.  Korea has already accumulated 686,118 visitors, constituting 23.04% of the total arrivals. The United States of America has remained as the second biggest visitor-generating market with an aggregate 454,170 visitor arrivals, forming 15.25% of the total.


China, the third biggest market, has supplied 340,958 for a share of 11.45% to total volume. Japan followed with visitor count of 260,656, comprising 8.75% of the total inbound traffic. Australia, still steady in fifth place, has already contributed 126,209 arrivals, comprising 4.24% of the total.


Sustaining its growth in arrivals, Taiwan (+31.29%) is consistent in sixth place for three consecutive months by bringing 112,152 visitors followed by Singapore with 92,080 total arrivals. Showing consistent double-digit growth are Canada (+11.27%) with 91,412 arrivals and United Kingdom (+14.27%) with 86,873 arrivals. Still in the top ten is Malaysia with 72,297 visitor count. Hongkong and Germany were steady in the 11th and 12th spot, respectively.


Among the top 12 markets, China posted the highest growth of 79.15% followed by Taiwan with a 31.29% increase.




High growth markets, January to June 2016. In addition to the top twelve markets, countries with substantial growth in inbound traffic are: India with 44,294 (+19.41%), France with 31,145 (+23.42%), Indonesia with 25,716 arrivals (+10.32%), Spain with 13,500 arrivals (+25.07%), Sweden with 14,490 arrivals (+18.56%), Netherlands with 15,876 arrivals (+11.36%), and Denmark with 10,078 arrivals (+24.42%).





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