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International tourist receipts to the Philippines grew 7.14% to reach US$ 3.895 Billion (Php172.65 Billion). For the month alone, receipts improved by 8.02% with US$333.10 Million (Php14.922 Billion) compared to US$ 308.38 Million (Php 13.317 Billion) the previous year.



Korea accounted 28% of all international tourism receipts with Php 48.622 Billion; followed by the United States (Php 33.61Billion), Australia (Php 11.04Billion), Japan (Php8.98 Billion), and China (Php 7.55 Billion). 









Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) and Average Length of Stay (ALoS) posted double digit gains for October 2014. ADE increased by 10.69% with Php 4,863.26 versus the Php 4,393.39  reported  the previous year while ALoS went up to 10.12 nights, longer by 16.06% compared to 8.72 nights a year ago. In addition, average per capita expenditure of visitors for the month is US$1,098.63 or Php 49,216.19. 


Visitor Arrivals. International tourist arrivals to the Philippines grew by 2.28% in January to October 2014, reaching a record 3,955,399 arrivals for the same months the previous years, and posting 358,876 arrivals for the month alone.





Significant events that occurred this month have translated to the country’s continuing growth such as receiving the “Destination of the Year” award from TTG Asia Media’s Travel Trade Publishing Group; as well as Palawan (No.1) and Boracay (No.12) being judged as among the Top 30 Islands in the World by international travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler. 






Country of Residence.  The Philippines welcomed 2.355 million tourists coming from Asian countries, generating over half of the aggregate international arrivals with 59.54%, followed by the Americas (17.96%), Europe       (9.95%), Australia/Pacific (5.67%) and Overseas Filipinos (4.23%) visiting the Philippines. 



Visitor Markets. Korea maintained its position as the country’s largest tourism source, providing 958,289 visitors or 24.23% share.  Outbound travelers from US to the Philippines increased by 7.48% with a 14.97% share  to  the total market with this year’s output of  592,204 arrivals compared to its year ago arrivals of 550,991.  Japan was in 3rd place, by contributing 382,633 visitors for 9.67% share. This market posted an increase of 6.07% versus its year ago arrivals of 360,721.  China placed 4th  with 354,202 arrivals, with an 8.95% share to overall traffic.  Completing the top five visitor market is Australia by providing 173,954 visitors constituting 4.40% of the total.  This market expanded by 5.25% from its volume of 165,282 the previous year.







Other high yielding markets include Singapore with 146,996 arrivals (3.72% share), Taiwan with 121,077 arrivals (3.06% share), Canada with 111,391 arrivals (2.82% share), Malaysia with 110,407 arrivals (2.79% share), United Kingdom with 107,499 arrivals (2.72% share), Hongkong with 94,398 arrivals (2.39% share), and Germany with 57,847 arrivals (1.46% share).  Among the top markets, Malaysia recorded the highest growth with a 23.89% increase from its total the previous year. 







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