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Sources of Data:  A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests
  5/11/2015  Research and Statistics Division, OTPRIM 
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Visitor Receipts. Earnings gained from tourism activities in the first quarter of 2015 reached an estimated Php 58.96 billion, up by 2.21% from the Php 57.68 billion in the first three months of 2014,   In terms of US dollars, the contribution of tourism increased by 3.23% to US$ 1.33 billion, from the US$ 1.28 billion in 2014. 










For March 2015, visitor receipts amounted to Php 17.13 billion, dropping 5.03% against the previous year’s earnings of Php 18.04 billion. 





Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) of visitors for the month of March 2015 was recorded at Php 4,503.68, down by 8.50% down compared to the Php 4,922.15 ADE of March 2014, while Average Length of Stay (ALoS) in March 2015 registered 9.76 nights versus the March 2014 ALoS of 10.72 nights.    



Average per capita expenditure of visitors for the month in review was Php 43,955.94, 16.70% less compared to the Php 52,765.44 for the same month the previous year. 




The United States of America moved up as the top tourism spender for March 2015, with Php 4.03 billion, overtaking Korea’s Php 3.34 billion visitor spent.  Australia was 3rd with Php 1.08 billion, while Japan with Php 1.07 billion, and United Kingdom Php 0.95 Billion provided the 4th and 5th biggest visitor receipts for the month in review. 




Visitor Arrivals.  Arrivals for the first quarter of the year aggregated to 1,391,836 visitors, registering a 6.26% increase over last year’s arrivals of 1,309,872 for the same months.  Auguring well to the tourism industry is the consistent positive growth in visitor arrivals from January to March with the month of February registering the highest growth of 8.02% while the month of January providing the biggest volume of 479,149. Visitor arrivals in March 2015 yielded 456,163 which is 7.12% higher than the March 2014 arrivals of 425,858. 




Asia contributed the biggest arrivals for the Philippines during the month of March 2015 with 248,079 visitors for a share of 54.38% to the total arrivals. Americas followed with 88,541 for a market share of 19.41%; Europe which comprised 12.07% of the total, contributed 55,047 arrivals, Australasia/Pacific (5.93%) and Overseas Filipinos (5.47%). 




Looking at the contribution by country market for the first three months of the year, Korea still finished as the top contributor of international arrivals to the country with 361,480 arrivals, constituting 25.97% to the total inbound traffic and a 20.40% growth compared to its 300,239 arrivals for the same months in 2014.



The United States of America supplied the 2nd largest influx of tourist arrival with 214,057 visitors, 15.38% share to total inbound for the country.  This market recorded a 7.32% increase vis-à-vis its arrivals of 199,465 for the same period last year. Japan ranked as the 3rd biggest country market, providing a total of 130,374 arrivals, comprising 9.37% to the total while increasing by 8.69% from its 2014 arrivals of 119,951.  China placed 4th, amassing 93,043 visitors, embodying 6.68% to the entirety. The 5th major inbound market  to the Philippines was Australia with 62,899 arrivals with a share of 4.52% to the total traffic base. 


Rounding up the top ten visitor markets are Canada (+9.14%) with 46,756 arrivals, Singapore (-1.34%) with 44,216 arrivals, Taiwan (+18.12%) with 41,713 arrivals, United Kingdom (+9.91%) with 40,071 arrivals, and Malaysia (+17.41%) with 37,336 arrivals.



For the month of March 2015, markets with substantial growth in inbound entry included: India with 6,415 arrivals (+29.02%), France with 4,735 arrivals (+26.17%), Saudi Arabia with 4,446 arrivals (+34.12%), Switzerland with 2,576 arrivals (+7.11%), and Netherlands with 2,365 arrivals (+12.78%).






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