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A total of 884,014 visitors were received by the Philippines from January to February this year which represented a 3.49% increase over the same months of 2013 with registered arrivals of 854,187.  The month of January supplied 461,383 visitors which lodged a 5.80% increase while the month of February provided 422,631 visitors for a growth of 1.08%.








For the period in review, visitor arrivals from the Asian region accounted for 60.71% with Korea, China and Japan from the East Asia sub-region leading the volume, and in particular, ASEAN countries presented significant growth in absolute terms with a 7.04% increase. The Americas and Europe comprised 18.33% and 11.35% respectively, of the total.





Visitor Markets.  The Korean market led all other markets for the period in review by providing 220,831 visitors to the country and sharing 24.98% to the total inbound traffic.  This market slowed down by 8.41% when compared to its arrivals for the same months in 2013 at 241,116.





The United States of America (+9.19%) supplied the 2nd largest influx of tourists with 131,978 visitors, constituting 14.93% of the total visitor volume.  The Chinese market, with a total 99,017 managed a growth of 42.25%, a significant boost to the industry with the observance of Chinese New Year. Japan (+2.39%) ranked 4thbiggest, amassing 75,383 visitors, or 8.53% of the total. The 5th major outbound market to the Philippines was Australia, providing 38,009 arrivals and a share of 4.30%.  This market recorded an encouraging (+11.48%) vis-à-vis its arrivals of 34,095 from the same period last year.



Summing up the top ten visitor markets are Canada (+12.50%) with 28,506 arrivals, Singapore (+6.74%) with 27,538 arrivals, Taiwan (-35.09%) with 24,615 arrivals, United Kingdom (+25.63%) with 23,321 arrivals, and Hong Kong (-8.39%) with 21,160 arrivals.



Other emerging markets with substantial growth in inbound traffic were Italy (+18.76%) with 4,204 arrivals, Vietnam (+16.87%) with 5,168 arrivals, Switzerland (+13.32%) with 5,148 arrivals, Indonesia (+12.32%) with 7,879 arrivals and Germany (+11.77%) with 15,395 arrivals. Philippine passport holders permanently residing abroad (excluding Overseas Filipino workers) reported 27,203 arrivals, 3.43% less than its total last year.



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