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The first five months of 2014 saw the arrivals of 2,061,135 international visitors to the Philippines, growing at 2.47% compared to the same months in 2013 with registered arrivals of 2,011,520. As we are entering a lean season, the month of May 2014 hosted 364,598 visitors, which grew slightly by 0.70% relative to the 362,062 visitors the previous year.  Meanwhile, the month of January received the biggest arrivals of 461,383 and posted the highest growth rate of 5.80% for the first five months of the year.






For the period in review, visitor arrivals from the Asian region accounted for 58.24% with South Korea, China and Japan leading the volume. The Americas and Europe comprised 19.37% and 11.01%, respectively.  On the other hand, significant growths were achieved by ASEAN with an increase of 10.25%, Northern Europe which grew by 9.59%, Australasia/Pacific with an 8.51% increase, and North America with a 7.75% increase. 




Visitor Markets. The South Korean market continued to be the top contributor of international visitors  with 453,227 arrivals comprising 21.99% share to the total inbound traffic.  Starting the last quarter of 2013, noticeable decline in the Korean Market was noted which may be attributed to the slowdown of honeymoon market due to strong competition on package price by tour operators and hotels from Guam and Hawaii.  Likewise, the ESL segment slowed down as reported by leading tour operators.  However, strong efforts are being done by tour operators to regain the business and come up with better programs.  






The United States of America (+7.07%) supplied the 2nd largest influx of arrivals with 327,702 visitors, constituting 15.90% of the total inbound traffic.  The Chinese market (+21.40) gave significant boost to the industry providing a total 198,951 with a share of 9.65%. Japan (+4.98%) ranked 4th amassing 188,941 visitors, embodying 9.17% to the entirety.  Australia was 5th with 96,655 arrivals and a share of 4.69%.  This market recorded an encouraging 9.60% increase vis-à-vis its arrivals of 88,190 last year.





Rounding up the top ten visitor markets are Singapore (+6.02%) with 74,710 arrivals, Canada (+11.20%)  with  67,929  arrivals,  United  Kingdom  (+15.13%)  with  60,305  arrivals,  Taiwan  (-29.96%) with 55,543 arrivals, and Malaysia (+19.74%) with 54,420 arrivals.




For the month of May, significant growth with substantial volume of arrivals were posted by United Kingdom (8.32%), Japan (7.93%), Canada (5.81%), France (3.03%), Australia (2.34%), Germany (1.63%) and the United States (1.14%).  Other emerging markets with substantial growth were the United Arab Emirates (+25.46%) with 1,429 arrivals, the Netherlands (+18.80%) with 1,940 arrivals, New Zealand (+15.97%) with 1,467 arrivals, Spain (+15.66%) with 1,285 arrivals, Italy (+15.21%) with 1,280 arrivals, Norway (+11.76) with 1,121 arrivals, and Switzerland (+10.60%) with 1,732 arrivals. Overseas Filipinos (excluding Overseas Filipino workers) reported 17,794 arrivals.  By regional grouping, Middle East posted the biggest growth  of  10.89%  while  ASEAN  arrivals  continued  to  grow  at  7.7%  (led by Malaysia and Vietnam).  It was noted that arrivals from Taiwan, though still negative, has been smaller compared to previous months.





Visitor Receipts.  The 2,061,135 visitors received by the country spent some Php 91.40 billion for the first five months of the year.  The top five visitor markets in terms of receipts are Korea, spending some Php 23.33 billion, U.S. with Php18.52 billion, Australia with Php 6.12 billion, Japan with Php4.76 billion, and China with Php 4.47 billion.  Substantial contribution to visitor receipts were likewise provided by Canada with Php 4.07 billion, United Kingdom with Php 3.40 billion, Germany with Php 2.25 billion, Singapore with Php 1.79 billion and Taiwan with Php 1.62 billion.  On the other hand, visitors spent an average daily expenditure of Php 4,676.98 and stayed for an average stay of 11.06 nights in May 2014.







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