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Sources of Data:  A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests
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Visitor arrivals for the eight months of the 2014 reached a total of 3,267,542, recording an increase of 2.72% over its previous year’s volume of 3,180,903 for the same period.  The biggest arrivals was registered in January with  a volume of 461,383 while the month of August recorded the highest growth of 6.27%.  The growth in arrivals could be attributed to the marketing efforts and participation of the country in international travel fairs, as well as tourism infrastructure development being undertaken.






The East Asian region accounted for almost half of the total traffic base by contributing 1,581,302 arrivals for a share of 48.39%.  Countries from this region belonged to the top visitor markets of the Philippines. Countries from the North American region contributed 18.02% to the total inbound traffic as it provided 588,783 arrivals to the country.  Countries in the ASEAN region contributed a total of 302,537 visitors, comprising 9.26% of the total visitor count.  This region posted an increase of 9.33% compared to its contribution of 276,726 visitors a year ago.  It can be noted that this region has improved its share of arrivals to the Philippines from 5% in the 1990’s to 7% in 2000 and expanding to almost 10% in the current year. Arrivals from Australasia/Pacific aggregated to 181,561, growing by 4.83% against its arrivals of 173,201 the previous year.  The fifth biggest volume of arrivals was contributed by the Northern European region reaching 139,480 arrivals for a share of 4.27% to the total inbound traffic.  This region posted an increase of 8.99% against its arrivals of 127,976 in 2013.   



Visitor Markets. The Korean market continued to provide the biggest volume of arrivals at 783,852, constituting 23.99% of the total.  This market has recovered from its slump since December 2013 to post a growth of 5.64% for the month of August 2014.  The U.S. market contributed the second biggest arrivals by capturing 15.10% of the total visitor volume numbering 493,338.  This market increased by 7.76% over its arrivals of 457,819 for the same months in 2013.  The third biggest arrivals was contributed by the Japanese market comprising 9.51% of the total by recording 310,901 arrivals and expanding by 5.95% versus it arrivals of 293,445 a year ago.  Arrivals from China aggregated to 308,393 comprising 9.44% of the total inbound traffic.  An increase of 6.77% was recorded by this market compared to its year-ago volume of 288,826 arrivals.  Australia contributed the fifth biggest visitor volume by providing 140,123 visitors, comprising 4.29% of the total visitor count.  This market registered an increase of 6.17%.



Sources of Data:  A/D Cards & Shipping Manifests



Completing the top twelve markets were Singapore (3.62% share) with 118,382 arrivals, Taiwan (2.97% share) with 97,004 arrivals, Canada (2.87% share) with 93,644 arrivals, United Kingdom (2.77% share) with 90,606 arrivals, Malaysia (2.71% share) with 88,701 arrivals, Hongkong (2.32% share) with 75,777 arrivals, and Germany (1.50% share) with 48,876 arrivals.



Other emerging markets with substantial growth were Vietnam (+16.68%) with 20,436 arrivals, Italy (+13.48%) with 13,223 arrivals, India (+12.56%) with 39,590 arrivals, New Zealand (+12.53%) with 10,839 arrivals, Spain (+10.48%) with 12,619 arrivals Netherlands (+9.43%) with 16,164 arrivals, and Saudi Arabia (+9.13%) with 29,567 arrivals,




Visitor Receipts.  A total of Php 144.40 billion was generated from inbound tourists for the first eight months.  The top five visitor markets in terms of expenditure are Korea, (Php41.60 billion), the United States (Php 28.46 billion), Australia (Php 8.93 billion), Japan (Php 7.41 billion), and China (Php 6.46 billion).  Substantial contribution to visitor receipts were likewise provided by United Kingdom (Php 5.40 billion), Canada (Php 5.33 billion), Germany (Php 3.17 billion), Singapore (Php 2.66 billion) and Saudi Arabia  (Php 2.49 billion).  



On the other hand, visitors spent an average daily expenditure of Php 4,160.08 in August 2014, while visitors stayed for an average stay of 10.73 nights, longer by 1.06 nights (10.96%) compared to the average length of stay of 9.67 nights in August 2013.







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