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DATE              :           30 MAY 2016



We are pleased to inform you that the Department will now be conducting its 2016 Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Program for Foreign Offices personnel  in June 2016.


Interested applicants for the Tourism Attache (TA) and Tourism Officer (TO) positions who meet the following qualification requirements, must submit via email to dothrdoverseasapplication@gmail.com on or before Wednesday, 15 June 2016 (6:00 p.m.) their letter of intent, together with their updated Personal Data Sheet/Curriculum Vitae:




Qualification Standards


  • Master’s degree or Certificate in Leadership and Management  from the Civil Service Commission
  • 4 years of supervisory/management experience
  • 40 hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention undertaken within the last 5 years
  • Career Service Professional or 2nd Level Eligibility
  • Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job
  • At least two (2) years of relevant experience
  • At least 8 hours of relevant training
  • Career Service Professional or 2nd Level Eligibility

General Job Description


Over-all supervision of the operations and activities of the DOT Foreign Office in the implementation and coordination of marketing activities and projects of the Department in the area of jurisdiction; coordination and establishing network with foreign tourist authorities and Philippine Embassies and Consulates with regard to tourism, among others.

Maintaining general ledger/cash book and handling all check disbursements, journal vouchers, and other financial documents; submission of periodic financial statements and liquidation reports; custody of all personnel and general records, office equipment and supplies; Maintenance of office premises; and providing marketing support  to the Tourism Attache, among others.

Note :  Applicant must be a Filipino citizen.


Qualified applicants will go through the following steps:


            1ST Phase        :   a. Pen and Paper Examination

                                       b. Preliminary Behavior-Based Interview


            2ND Phase       :   a. Simulation Exercises

                                       b. Panel Interview


            3RD Phase       :   DOT Management Committee Interview


            Note : Each phase is a hurdle stage. To proceed to the next phase, the applicant should meet the cut-off score of the preceding phase.


Interested candidates shall be assessed of their potential to demonstrate behaviours related to the competency requirements for the specific positions and for underpinning knowledge, skills  and attitude in terms of basic knowledge of Philippine tourism, oral communication facility and personality traits essential to the performance of expected duties. Passing the last phase of the CBA makes an applicant eligible to be part of the Foreign Tourism Service Corp. (FTSO) pool for future deployment in the DOT Foreign Offices, subject to issuance of an appointment to a permanent/regular item in the Department.


The conduct of the Pen and Paper Examination under 1st Phase, which shall be administered by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) for the above-mentioned positions is scheduled on either the 3rd week or 4th week of June 2016. Those who will qualify for the exams will be notified accordingly.


Attached is the Application Procedures, for your guidance.


Thank you.






cc: Office of the Secretary

      Office of the Undersecretary for Administration & Special Concerns

      Human Resource Division










A.   Applicants must submit the following documentary requirements via e-mail address indicated below:


Regular Employees of the DOT and Attached Agencies

Non-DOT Personnel

  • Expression of interest (in letter form)
  • Updated Personal Data Sheet
  • * Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Expression of interest (in letter form)
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcript of Records*
  • Certificate  of trainings attended*
  • Certificate of eligibility*

* Original copies may be requested by DOT


B. Examination Fees for 1st Phase




A.   Tourism Attache 

B.   Tourism Officer




1.    DOT will fully subsidize the cost of 1st Phase assessment of DOT regular employees and 70% for non-regular employees (Job-Order status), who in return shall serve 6 months service obligation.

2.    Personnel from attached agencies and non-DOT applicants must pay in full.

3.    Payment will only be accepted on the day of the examination.


C. Arrangements for 2nd Phase will be covered by a separate announcement.



Applicants should submit documentary requirements via e-mail to dothrdoverseasapplication@gmail.com on or before Wednesday, 15 June 2016 (6:00 p.m.). Follow subject format for applications: SURNAME, FIRST NAME, POSITION APPLIED FOR (ex. DELA CRUZ, TOURISM ATTACHE). Applications with incomplete documentary requirements shall not be processed.


Qualified applicants will be notified of their exam schedule and venue at least one week prior to the exam date thru e-mail or mobile phone.  The venue will be in Metro Manila.


For queries and clarifications, please e-mail dothrdoverseasapplication@gmail.com.

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