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 Twelve Destinations to Fly by Wire in the Philippines : A Zip-Line Adventure 

  1/26/2010  Usec Cynthia L. Carrion 
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Whether you are traversing the breathtaking sights of verdant and rolling landscapes  of Zamboanga del Sur or soaring at a speed of 70km/hr about 300 feet above the ground with the scenic Taal Lake and Volcano as your backdrop, flying by wire is an ultimate adventure in the Philippines.


From the forested La Mesa Dam and Ecopark City zip-lines where urban dwellers can satisfy their search for an adrenaline rush experience, to the 130-meter zip-line called “Superman Adventure” at the Tree Top Adventure Park  in Upper Cubi of Subic Bay, riding atop jungles  and rainforests brings a unique thrill of a lifetime.


Zip-lines in the Philippines are fast drawing a big crowd of action and adventure seekers from all over the world.  The extraordinary thrill of being suspended on a cable at considerable heights or the joy of zipping through the woods at a high speed makes zip-lines an action-packed activity.


Known as a flying fox, foefie slide, zip wire, aerial runway, or aerial ropeslide, a zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to traverse from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, usually made of stainless steel, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley. Zip-lines are used in varied ways, and come in various forms. While others used it as a means of amusement and entertainment, others showcase zip-lines as an adventure activity option.  Accessing remote areas, such as a rainforest canopy would require longer and higher rides.  You may not know it, but in some malls in the country, children’s recreation centers make use of small, indoor zip-lines.


To date, there are twelve zip line destinations in the Philippines to spend a holiday of action and adventure.


Join me as I tour you around places to get your adrenaline rushing.  Imagine yourself suspended in your own cable as we traverse the Philippines’ pride in zip-line adventure.


First Stopover:

La Mesa Dam and Ecopark Zip-Line in Quezon City

City-dwellers need not embark on long trips to find and appreciate nature's beauty or to search for an adrenaline rush experience. Deep in the heart of Quezon City lies the forested La Mesa Dam and Ecopark Zip-Line, a perfect place for a weekend getaway without spending too much travel time. As its campaign proclaims, when you visit this place, you are actively taking part in saving La Mesa watershed.

Other activities that you can enjoy in the park are the view of the La Mesa Dam, (the main water reservoir of the country's capital region), the Flower Terraces, playgrounds, bike and fitness trails, boating at the lake, fishing, paintball games, the Butterfly Trail and Hatchery and a dip at the swimming pool. This place is under the management of the ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc, the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS), and the Quezon City Government. Contact Details: Tel. Nos. (63.2) 4304051; (63 2) 4305207; (63 2) 4305207; E-mail:; Website:


Second Stopover:

Tree Top Adventure Park in Subic Bay


Soar 100 feet above the jungle floor in its 130-meter long zip line called “Superman Adventure”, and get to feel like a caped superhero flying across a tropical rainforest that is a home to 3,000 types of trees, 10,000 varieties of plants, and over 1,000 animal species that include bats, monkeys and wild pigs. Patterned after the canopy tour or zip-line tour originally developed in Costa Rica, the rides at Upper Cubi treats you to a one-of-a-kind experience of a truly jungle trail consisting of platforms, suspension bridges and a motorized treetop canopy system that spans around 220 meters in length and glides one above towering trees and jungle surroundings. This is under the management of Subic Bay Management Authority. Contact Details: Tel. Nos. (+63 45) 4991179; (+63 45) 4990695; (+63917)3923759. E-mail:

Third Stopover:

Tagaytay Ridge Zip Line and Cable Car


Soar 300 feet above the ground with an approximate speed of 60km/hr for about 25 to 30 seconds at the Tagaytay Ridge Zip Line with the scenic Taal Lake and Volcano as your backdrop.   All equipment utilized in this 250-meter long scenic zipline course has been engineered, exceeding industry standards to ensure a fun, enjoyable experience. Its ziplines and platforms have been inspected and registered with the Government Safety Authority. In addition, guides are professionally trained in every aspect of working at heights so you can feel confident you are in good hands on your tour. Contact Details: Tel. Nos. (+63 2) 4084122; (+632) 5106115; (+63906) 4895351; E-mail:


Fourth  Stopover:

Zipline at Camp Explore in Barangay Calawis, Antipolo


Why not bring your family and peers to a zip and zoom at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges in Antipolo City? Doing such will give you a good view of the Mount Purro Nature Reserve; that as you enjoy the sight of the foothills of Sierra Madre, it will surely dawn on your consciousness that everyone must play a role in preserving nature.  Formally launched in 2001, this Camp Explore Zipline is very safe and unique in that, all its high and low rope elements are not permanently fixed in order to keep its safety and reliability. They are also put in proper storage when not in use. Contact Details:  Tel. Nos. (63 2) 5666342; (+63917) 8982155; (+63918) 2793799; Email:


Fifth Stopover:

Danao Zipline in Bohol


Want an extreme experience that will take you flying 200 feet above verdant forests, sparkling rivers and caves across a half a kilometer zip line cable? Then why not visit Danao Adventure Park just about 72 kilometers from Bohol's capital Tagbilaran City. The park itself is surrounded by lush forests and offers different activities and recreation for you to choose from. Activities here are grouped to form an acronym E.A.T., which stands for extreme, economic, or educational for the letter "E", adventure for the letter "A" and tour for the letter "T".  The most popular activity in this place is the zip line. Sometimes called "Sui-slide", one can experience traversing around half a kilometer from one mountain to another for about 45 seconds to a minute depending on your weight.  Contact Details:  Office of the Mayor,   Tel. Nos.: (+63 38) 5073106 local 187; (+63917) 3021701; (+63920) 5280155. 


Sixth Stopover:

Agas-Agas Bridge Zipline in Maasin, Southern Leyte 


Mark a holiday filled with exciting cable rides that traverse the Mahaplag-Sogod section of the Tacloban-Liloan Road. Getting a full view of the breathtaking panorama of mountains and rivers is extraordinarily refreshing.  Constructed between two mountains, the Agas-Agas Bridge Zipline was opened on August 9, 2009. Who would not be thrilled going through the Agas-Agas Bridge, considered as the highest bridge in the Philippines? Check out the bridge’s sky-scraping height! Bungee jump 30 stories down from the 90-meter high bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Agas-Agas Bridge. Contact Details:  Tel. Nos. (+63 53) 3812389; (+63 53) 5709016; (+63 53) 5709018; (+63 53) 5709017.                         


Seventh Stopover:

Zamboanga del Sur Canopy Walk and Zipline in Pagadian City 


Trek to Mount Timolan or peek into the mystical lake called Lakewood, and rub elbows with the indigenous Subanen tribe  living at the edge of the waters before you zoom to where you can traverse the breathtaking sights of verdant and rolling landscapes  of Zamboanga del Sur. More than the caves, lakes and springs surrounding the province are Zamboanga del Sur’s fair share of great zipline adventure. Offering a different kind of whoosh of excitement, the zipline here boasts of a 154-meter long line suspended about 80 feet from the ground. Contact Details: Tel. Nos. (+63 62) 2142472; (+63 62) 2141868; (+63 62) 2142944.


Eight Stopover:

Dahilayan Adventure Park Zip Zone in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon


Do you want to traverse the greens of Mount Kitangkad range by cable? Declared as a national park of nature, the foot of this mountain range is a view to behold. Dahilayan Adventure Park “Zipzone” is owned by Elpidio Paras. With its 840-meter long dual-carrying cable, Zipzone currently stands as Asia’s longest dual cable zipline. Its safety cable is also 840-meter long, with a total length of cables at 2,460 meters. Its elevation drop is at 100 meters, with an estimated speed of 60 to 100 km/hour. Its launch point location is at 4,000 feet above sea level.  Contact details:  Tel. Nos. (+63 8822) 726492; (+63 8822) 725717; (+63-8822) 8563764; Email:


Ninth Stopover:

Macahambus Adventure Park Zipline at Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro


You can just imagine walking above tree canopies on a steel bridge connected to trees hundreds of feet high while viewing the refreshing greens of a well-preserved rainforest.   After a relaxing tour above the forest, you can cap your adventure with an even more exciting activity through a 110-meter zip line, suspended about 60 meters from the ground, and with an approximate time of 14 seconds to take one across.   Or, you can rappel down to the Macahambus Gorge and Cave, a historical battle site in which Kagayanons fought the American soldiers in the Philippine-American War in 1900.  Contact Details: Tel. No.  (+63 88) 8563972; Email: Office of the Mayor -Tel. Nos. (+63 88)  8574277; City Tourism Office: Tel. Nos.: (+63 88) 8573907; (+63 88) 723840 local 608


Tenth Stopover:

Camp Sabors Zipline in Digos City, Davao del Sur


Try the exhilarating experience from the second longest cable lift in the country, while you also get delights from the sight of Tudaya Falls!  At Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, its zip lines boasts of not only one but two lines. One is a 380-meter line called 'Slide for Life' which is suspended 150 feet from the ground and can take a rider around 50 seconds to reach the other point.   If you find a canopy tour or a gradual descending zip line boring, then you can try the other line called Xcelerator which is a 400-meter speed zip line.  Its speed can reach around 70 to 120 km/hour, enough to satisfy an adventurous soul’s need for speed.  And, that alone sets Camp Sabros apart from similar adventure destinations. Contact Details: Tel. Nos.: + (63 92) 875 0015


Eleventh Stopover:

Outland Adventure in Davao City


Just 10 minutes from downtown Davao City, you can find the one of the fastest ziplines in Asia. Outland Adventure offers its greatest pride: the Accelerator.   This whopping 1,000m – long zipline humbled the 730m. flying fox of Samui Fun Park in Koh Samui in Thailand. What is more exciting is its being suspended 200 ft. from the ground, and can send a rider flying at a gut-wrenching speed of 100 km/hour. Aside from this popular zipline, Outland Adventure is also home to the largest ropes course facility in the country. Ropes course is an adventure-based program in which participants face different challenges while suspended high off the ground on top of telephone poles or tall trees.  This is under the management of Project Challenge Foundation, Inc. Contact Details: Tel. Nos. (+63 82) 2245855
 (+63 82) 2716067; Website:


Twelfth Stopover:

Eden Nature Park "The Sky Rider" in Matina, Davao


Nestled in a 95% man-made mountain resort 3,000 feet above sea level, Eden’s Skyrider is within a magnificent surrounding complete with terraces carved out of the mountain slope, and thousands of pine tree seedlings and trees serving as canopies for other trees and plants to grow and to create a secondary forest.  Today, there are over 100,000 pine trees spread throughout 80 hectares, providing a refreshing backdrop to the various adventure and nature tripping activities in Eden. Contact Details:

Tel. Nos. (+63 82) 299102;  (+63 82) 296 0791; Website:          
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